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Monday, September 13, 2010

I Miss You !!!!

I have someone that departed from me last December and has not been seen or heard from since then.

This person used to fill me up with so much joy and happiness and I have been sad since you left that winter day. You made me smile, you made me laugh, and sometimes you made me cry. But I loved having you around as no matter what you did, you made my whole body full of warmth. I have been lost without you in my life.

Even when you came to visit and sometimes brought friends of yours over which I did not care for, I was still happy to have you in my home.

The spring and summer months are too long and hot and time just seems to drag by without you in my life. I need you in my life year round.

My kids even have missed you so much, as you are often around me with the kids as well. The love it when you are come over to our house because it always means that they can stay up late on school nights.

We have been looking for you high and low to no avail. Although I had heard the rumors of your demise, I was a true believer and knew that one day we would find you again. My kids and I looked for you all weekend long, and I think we have found you as I heard your footsteps just around the corner from us. I hope that you will be over tonight for dinner as I have a big meal planned for all of us to enjoy while you are here.

Who is it that I miss you ask?



  1. beautifully written. I didn't know you could put so much feeling into anything.
    Color me surprised!

    and YAY!! FOOTBALL!! Being out the red & yellow flags :D

  2. Yes I am passionate about some things in life. But that is for another post.

    And yes I brought out the red and yellow flags yesterday. I even threw the red one during the Texans game. And I threw the yellow one at the end of the Cowboys game, and low and behold there was holding on that play.

  3. Yea, I didn't know you were that passionate about anything.

    and I'm glad you caught my typo and read it correctly. But did you bring out the steelers snuggie?

  4. I post later about other things I am passionate about.

    I did not buy a steelers snuggie. I couldn't even watch their game yesterday because I do not have NFL Sunday Ticket.

  5. Not much for NFL, but I can yell "GO GATORS" louder than anyone around me!


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