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Friday, December 17, 2010


Now I know that all of you have heard about people getting pissed off about people saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I am not one of those people who have gotten pissed off about it. Well I did when I was younger and was not aware of other cultures and religions, but now I am smart and stuff and realize that we need to include everyone. So I don’t have a problem with saying Happy Holidays as there is more than one holiday going on at roughly the same time.

What I have a problem with however is excluding and or promoting other religious holidays (or religions for that matter) over another. Remember when the head of NASA came out publicly and said that President Obama had instructed him to have the #1 mission of the “new” NASA include Muslim nations in space flight. Never mind the fact that every time one of these Muslim terrorists astronauts tries to lift off blow himself up they only get about 3-4 feet off of the ground. But I digress; I was shocked when I heard that because if say George Bush had said that NASA needed to include the Israelis more in NASA, the whole country (well the whole world for that matter) would be burning from all of the protesters out protesting. Anyway nothing chaps my hide more than this when it comes to common sense. Either you recognize all of them or none of them. And as a nation founded on religious freedoms, this should be cut and dry, but it clearly isn’t.

Which brings me to this picture that a friend sent me the link to from a local am radio station. It is a copy of the calendar that a Katy, Texas elementary school had sent out to the parents for the month of December. It clearly shows that Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are listed on there for their respective days, which I do not have a problem with. But on the 25th of December is listed “Mr. Alexander’s Birthday.” Now Mr. Alexander is the namesake for this particular elementary school. So why the fuck did the calendar not list Christmas as the holiday? Apparently the school had decided to put Mr. Alexander’s birthday as they felt it was more important than listing Christmas. Really, you put Hanukkah and Kwanzaa on the calendar but did not put Christmas. I am sure it was just an “oversight” on the schools part. Well thousands of people called this school and the school district to complain about this mindless fuckup mistake and the school changed it and sent out a new calendar to the parents the next day.

Years ago it was reported in the news that there was a “war” on Christmas with all of the people pushing the whole Happy Holidays saying. Well I have never believed in it as I think it is just trivial bullshit that the news people are trying to brain wash people with. But when I see stupid shit like what this school did with the calendar, it sure seems to fit the mold of people being afraid of Christmas. Why are people so afraid of Christmas? Are people even afraid of Christmas? I have no idea, I am afraid of Christmas but only because it is another damn month that I have to spend a shitload of money in.

Well I think the thing with the calendar is just stupid and common sense should have ruled the situation. If you put one of the holidays on the calendar, than you need to put all of them which is ok in my book. It would also be ok in my book if you put none of the holidays on the December calendar. What do you think about the situation with the calendar?


  1. I don't blame you. I would have gone apeshit over that calendar as well! And I'm sick of everything that comes out of Obama being acceptable, with the double standard that we all know wouldn't apply to any other President before him. Why does he get a pass on being stupid?

    As for the Merry Christmas thing, I still say it. But I live in the south where most people are Christian, so we don't usually have too many fuss about it. To me, I'm not telling them to celebrate my religious holiday. I see it more as giving them a bit of a blessing or nod on a holiday that I enjoy. Does that make sense?

  2. I think earthlings are effing stupid!
    You are so right, if you are goiing to put one on the calendar, put them all on there. Doesn't anybody have any common sense these days?

  3. @ Krissy, I am glad you agree about the calendar.

    @ Pat, yes they are stupid. And as for common sense, I am one of a very small number of people with the talent for common sense.

  4. I have a friend that lives in Katy (which is not all that far from here, for what it's worth). She works in the school system there and says that what happened is that the program they used to make that calendar only grabs the first "holiday" for whatever date when it prints. The birthday was listed first and thusly the one that printed.

    I know such is true with Google's calendar as well (I missed a dr. appt. because of the same thing). I think nowadays people just LOOK for things to get riled up over.

    You would think this would have been proofread before going out - but who pays attention anymore, either... Unless it is - of course - a panty twister.

  5. @ Rabbit, I wrote this little post a week and I have since also heard that explanation for the first printing of the calendar. Which is ok I guess. But the common sense thing dictates a proofreading at a bare minimum.

  6. Yea, because random selection of holidays is TOTALLY better than proofreaders.

    Guess what career is NOT going to be highlighted on career day because the KATY ISD is FRESH OUT of them?

    OT - Your kids go to a private school. Do they have other holidays on their calendar?

    Oh, and my 7 year old gave me a LECTURE on WHY we should say "Happy Holidays" and started talking about ramadan and kwanzaa and shit, like I was a racist or something.
    WHY did she go into this hateful lecture on how I needed to be tolerant?
    I said "I hate that happy holidays song on the disney channel."
    I do. It's annoying and robotic and NOT MUSIC.

    I don't give a crap about saying happy holidays because, it's like... whatever... to each his own... but when my kids' school tries to promote "equality" to a point where anyone who DISAGREES WITH THEM ON ANY LEVEL is immediately portrayed as a BIGOT, that's when I have a damn problem with it.
    I can't say I don't like a song that says "happy universal holidays" because that makes me a racist intolerant christian BIGOT? I'm sorry, WHAT?!
    SOMEONE has been telling my kid that saying "Merry Christmas" or ANYTHING other than "happy holidays" is wrong and hateful... and to me, THAT is offensive.

  7. Seriously, this is almost as bad as the time they made Columbus Day a 'not really real' holiday!

    Sometimes America is too politically correct for their own good!

    Merry CHRISTMAS! :)

  8. @ Miley, yes my kids calendar in a private christian school does indeed have other holidays on the calendar. Ramadan was on there this year. There is even 2 Muslim kids in their class. Their calendar this month had both Hanukuah and Kwanzaa on it as well.

    And I agree with you about some schools pushing a little too hard on the equality thing. Remember when we were called "racists" because we did not agree with the President during the health care debate?

  9. @ Blah, I agree with you. And I hate, no I fucking hate Political Correctness. I can't stand it. And Merry Christmas to you as well.

  10. I was just wondering if they pulled out the "we're a christian school" card or not.
    and YES!! We're racists and hate ALL black people AND the poor because we didn't agree with the healthcare thing. Your efriends are idiots.

  11. @ Miley, no they don't pull that card.

    And it was not my eFriends who were the ones pulling race card during that debate. It was the media, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, the NAACP, and liberals who were saying that.

  12. Yes, them too but I was thinking about a specific incident where you and I shared our income on facebook and then someone went "oh. So... Miley... you're fucking poor and STILL against this?" Like being poor made me into a democrat. *snort*

  13. The overly PC stuff still twists my nipples and NOT in the get lucky way.

  14. @ Miley, I know.

    @ Holly, hmm that sounds like the kinky pain filled kind of lucky way though. lol

  15. I tend to err on the side of caution and instead of believing in some conspiracy to keep Christmas away, I just think some low-level paper pusher making $8/hour just proved why she's never going to amount to anything. She's too stupid to live. The school fixed it the very next day. So what's the problem?

    As for "Happy Holidays", when I was an up and coming receptionist in a large downtown Houston law firm, I answered the phone with "Happy Holidays" and the name of the firm from Thanksgiving until New Year. Why? Because it was the holiday season. The end.

  16. @ Georgia, I agree about the $8/hour pencil pusher. I think the person should have had common sense in the first place. Maybe I should teach common sense classes.

    And I agree about the holiday season stuff. It doesn't bother me.

  17. Merry Christmas...there I said it! anyone who doesn't like it, can suck it LOL

  18. @ Bird shit, can just suck it anyways? lol

  19. Completely agree. That calendar is B.S. and I would have probably called in a complained about it, too. I don't mind someone saying Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings or whatever because not everyone has to believe in what I believe in. But DO NOT replace Merry Christmas. We can share.

  20. Ignorant people who make attempts at political correctness only trip themselves up and reveal their idiocy. Perhaps they should add a Hypocrite's Day to the calendar.

    I wince when told "Merry Christmas," because I'm Jewish. Of course, Christians would not be bothered by the greeting, but it's important to consider the rest of us. Why any fervor around "Happy holidays?" I say "Merry Christmas" to all who celebrate it [except stupid people and haters]. I say "Happy holidays" to strangers [except stupid people and haters], because it's best not to make assumptions. xo

  21. @ Mash, I agree.

    @ Robyn, I am glad you got my point because what you said is exactly how I feel. And Robyn, you are now my 3rd favorite Jew behind Jesus and my friend David. Ok well I only know 2 Jewish people but that is besides the point.

  22. completly agreed men, this sort of people must be changed

  23. Robyn, that's why I don't have a problem saying Happy Holidays. I mean, I wouldn't say it to someone in my FAMILY, that would be idiotic since everyone in my family celebrates Christmas.
    The one thing that gets me even MORE is when some atheist or self righteous asshole does the whole "I don't celebrate any holidays, so stop saying that". WTF. You get a day off work, doncha? THEN BE HAPPY ABOUT IT.

  24. there isn't much to say that hasn't already been commented on...other than I hate when people post in the middle of my work day and I get to them this late in the game. GRRR!!!
    Seems like they over PC'd that situation. Put all the holidays on there or none at all.

  25. @ Sharaf, yep.

    @ Miley, yep.

    @ Jewels, any PC is bad. ANY.

  26. "Mr. Alexander" sounds like a total d-bag. And why no listing of "festivus"?

  27. Thanks, OT. With Jesus as competition, I couldn't ask for a higher ranking. Well, I could ask for placement in front of David, but I won't get greedy. He's probably a nice Jewish guy. Is he single, by the way?

    Miley, thank you! Yes! It's the "happy holiday season" for the world. We all get a new year out of it, and the option to celebrate a holiday or not. I like Cheeseboy's comment too. Festivus for the restofus!

  28. @ Cheeseboy, I am still trying to find out why my favorite holiday of "Suck On A Cold Womans Nipple In Winter Time" is not on the calendar either.

    @ Robyn, yes he is single and rich. Oh wait thats a stereotype. lol And yes he is a cool Jewish guy.

  29. Okay, I can't find a link to email you so I guess I have to put it here, OT. You are a Steelers fan? You really need to read my former rant about the NFL commish. I have no doubt we have things to discuss, hon. :)

  30. @ Krissy, yes I am a Steelers fan. Born, raised, and will die a Steelers fan. My family is all from Latrobe/Ligioneer so it is in my blood.

  31. @ Krissy, please read this blog post of mine here.


  32. I am on my way to read it. I was a military brat whose parents were born and raised in Pittsburgh, so we were bred and raised with our blood running black and gold. I remember getting "Super Bowl" fever excuses when we were in Germany to not go to school the day after the SB. :)

  33. @ Krissy, that is cool. It is nice to see other fans from back home. Here is the link for another Pittsburgh fans blog. He writes about the Steelers all the time.


  34. what ever the fuck is wrong with just saying what you believe...

    fucktards are everywhere and i am going to just say fuck fuck you asshole instead of anything about the holidays...

    at least then i will offend EVERYFUCKINONE!!!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    The guy book
    the guy book

  35. It would seem that people are trying very hard not to offend or leave out the minority holidays, and - so as not to offend - are not mentioning those of the masses.

    I'd most certainly say something to the school office staff...

  36. I hate Christmas almost as much as I hate Halloween....it's too damn expensive and everyone is so greedy and stingy and rude.....and how are you suppose to be cheery about it being so damn cold outside! I think it should all be about family and food! Why can't we just have two Thanksgivings one in November and one in December?

  37. @ Teach, I agree with what you are saying. Forrest through the trees mentality has taken over.

    @ SSW, I agree with you completely. It seems to have lost it's meaning over the years.

  38. I hate that so many people have a stupid "one or the other" mentality. As if diversity is a sliding scale and when there is a greater acknowledgment of one thing you're taking some amount of power away from another. So instead of being inclusive they seem to have an innate desire to choose one thing to highlight at the expense of others.

    I agree that this is ridiculous, but what's more ridiculous is that because Christmas is the norm for most Americans there's so much backlash. If the school had chosen to leave out Kwanzaa or Ramadan or a non-mainstream ethnic holiday and there was an uproar there would be people who considered those offended "too sensitive."

  39. Terrific points!...why can't we all just get along...seriously, right? I can't imagine expending all that energy getting upset over a phrase.

  40. @ Irish, you have also made some very good points.

    @ Sandra, I doubt that we will "all" be able to get along. There is too much money to be made in being decisive.

  41. How friggin stupid is all this worry over a piece of paper that most parents don't read anyway. It sits on the fridge and gets tossed out. So it was an oversight probably and yet people who never make a peep over anything seriously important want to be heard. Wasted energy is what I see. All they had to do was reprint a correct one. Easy fix. But noooooo...we are so friggin worried about political correctness that we make complete asses out of ourselves. Merry, Happy, Whatever Your Day Is!!

  42. @ Bard, thanks for stopping by. I agree with you that the PC shit is out of control. By trying to please 2% of the people you piss off the other 98%. It is ridiculous to say the least.

    However had it been another holiday which was left off there would have been riots in the streets saying the school district was racists.

    If you notice where I said either put them all or none of them. And that solves the problem right there.


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