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Monday, November 29, 2010

On Giving Thanks

I know I am a little late on this subject, but I had other blogs about Thanksgiving which I felt needed to written and posted before I lost the thoughts. I want to give a nice little list of things that I am thankful for this year.

I am thankful for my kids. Yes I said my kids. In case you didn’t know I have a set of twins which are a handful, but they constantly keep me on my toes and make me smile all the time. I am not sure I would be the wonderful person I am today if it were not for them.

I am thankful for my job. Given that I work in the oil patch and what happened in the Gulf of Mexico, I am very thankful for my job. A lot of people got laid off this year as a result of the BP accident and subsequent drilling moratorium. And I know I complain a lot about my job because I am basically doing the work of 3-4 full time employees with the pay of 1 person, but I do have a really great job. And with my kids out of school all week I was able to take them to my work and set them up in the conference room with movies, satellite tv, the Playstation 3, and board games and my work was cool with it. So I am very happy to have this job that I have had for 11 years now (as of December 1st).

I am thankful for the fact that I live in the United States. Yes I know I bitch about it a lot, but I am still very happy to live in a great free land.

I am thankful for sports. Yes sports. While other countries have sports, no other country has the cornucopia of sports which we have. I love playing them and I love watching them.

I am thankful for you the readers of my blog. I never thought that my little blog of smart ass filled sarcasm would take off so well. And I never thought I would have people actually read it and enjoy it. When I get to 50 followers I will post a nice picture of myself.

Since I have become fond of reading blogs, I am thankful for blogger. I follow some pretty funny blogs written by people who sometimes share my sick and twisted sense of humor.

I am thankful for the following blogs which you can find here and here (all men should be following them, well all straight men that is). Yes I know what you are saying, Mr. Trash you are a pervert. Yes I know this fact. I like women. A LOT. And those 2 blogs allow me to feast gaze upon the beauty of their tits and ass, so get over it.

I am thankful for books. I love to read and I have a ton of books that are still on my book shelf that I am waiting to read.

I am thankful for my friends, both real life ones and also my eFriends as you all are a great source of fun for me. And also material for my future stand comedian act once I get up the nerve to get over my stage fright.

I am thankful that it is now crawfish season here in Houston. Yes my friends it is time for me to consume 5-10 pounds of them per weekend on those delicious boiled bottom feeders.

And lastly I am also thankful for the pulled muscles in my back that I suffered on Sunday whilst getting all of my Christmas shit out of storage, bringing it to the house, and re-arranging/cleaning my living room. Why would I be thankful for this you ask? Well because it means I am indeed still alive. I do find it mildly fucking ironic that in my last post I made fun of old people for applying Ben Gay to them at the movie theater, while now I am in desperate need of it since I didn’t sleep a wink last night due to my back hurting. Yes that was the Ben Gay Karma Bitch who slapped me around yesterday.

Well I think that is enough for now as if I keep writing things I am thankful for right now, this will turn into a novel. I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving Day and long weekend.


  1. ... and now I am thankful for the new blogs to 'read'. Much appreciation to you, especially from a guy with the day off and most of his to-do list finished.


  2. Had a pretty good weekend here. So much to be thankful for.. loved your list.

  3. @ Simpledude, I am glad you are enjoying those blogs. They are holy.

    @ Holly, thank you.

  4. LOL

    I'm both amused and sorry the Ben Gay Karma Fairy bitch-slapped you. ;) And I absolutely miss eating crawfish in TX! I've got family that needs vistin'...perhaps I should stop being lazy and get to it. I'm thankful for them, after all.


  5. @ Sam, I am glad you see the irony of me hurting myself. And you should get back down here for some crawfish.

  6. I am cracking up about the 2 blogs you linked that you follow...total dude blogs LOL

  7. @ Bird Caca, I can't help it. I love the female body. And both of those two wonderful blogs are dedicated to the female form.

    Although I wish the bikini one had more shapely women on it instead of all of the skinny non eating non real women. I prefer some curves on my ladies.

  8. Very good post, like and follow your blog...

  9. Are you also thankful for the lombardi broadway musical? Not the spider-man one. Crawfish? I never had 'em. They look good though.

  10. It's lovely to witness the sweet and softer side of you Oilfield. Here is to giving thanks.

    Have a great week!


  11. @ Copyboy, I am not sure about either one of those. And fresh boiled crawfish is oh so good.

    @ Empress, I do have a soft side every now and then.

  12. I told you it was bad karma to make fun of them!! I'm sorry you hurt your back though.
    I like your list of thanks. Well balanced, all true, and complete with the misogynistic blog pimping.

  13. @ Miley, in that situation bad karma be damned, they needed to be made fun of. What is wrong with pimping the eye candy blogs?

  14. Good post! I think you're thankful for all the right things (mostly).

    And I'm so happy for you that you love your job, that is really important. Hope to find a job like that some day.

    Two thumbs up for liking curves! More cushion for the pushin is what I say :)

  15. @ Uninspired, Thank you. And yes I do like my job. It is fun and challenging which keeps me on my toes.

    And I agree about the pushing.

  16. Love this post. :-) Another Oilfield gem!

  17. I'm glad you are appreciating your many blessings.

  18. @ Robyn, I am always thankful for my blessings. I just don't always say it out loud or put it in writing.

  19. Nice post....I think instead of BenGay your just may need some flexeril it's less smelly but it will slap you silly or it does me! I have to say those chics in bikinis need some food I think you should offer them a sammich or 10!

  20. hallefuckinlullia! i have been saved...thanks for the H'sU on the two new blogs to read...

    great post, as usual!!

    try tiger balm, instead of ben gay...
    jus' sayin'

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear

  21. @ SSW, thank you. I now have some IcyHot. Hope it works.

    @ Bruce, you are very welcome. Those two blogs are very eye catchingly good.

  22. I'm feeling all guilty that I didn't write a "what I'm thankful for" post. Oh, well. I am thankful for your blog! It makes me smile. Plus, I love being in this huge library of yours. Can I borrow one of your books someday?? I'll take that yellow one...and oh..that blue one looks good. I have no clue what any of them are about, but I want to read them all. All of them!!!

  23. I just saw your response about UT. Yay!!! You're not an Aggie!! I would've kept following you anyway if you were an Aggie, but I wouldn't have been as happy about it. Hook 'em!!

  24. Ben Gay Karma Bitch sucks. Maybe I should start making fun of skinny people so the Skinny People Karma Bitch slaps me one.

    Great post!

  25. Pouting a little because I thought it might have been my blog you linked too. Or SSW. Well, not really. I know how visual you guys are. Great post, I really enjoyed it. Hope you get those kinks out soon with a bit of massage.


  26. @ Kelley, ah thanks. I am glad you enjoy my blog. I will try to continue to live up to your lofty expectations of me. And yes you can borrow any book you want to at any time. And yes I am not an Aggie.

    @ Cajun, Thank you. I need the Skinny People Karma Bitch to knock some weight off of me as well.

    @ Mynx, I did give thanks for all of the blogs that I follow. Here is the quote.

    "Since I have become fond of reading blogs, I am thankful for blogger. I follow some pretty funny blogs written by people who sometimes share my sick and twisted sense of humor."

  27. Hey - I am thankful for your blog and your comments and your hilarity. Bless you, sir for your twisted humor.

  28. @ Cheese, thank you very much. I am glad you enjoy my twisted humor.

  29. I'm sorry did you say something about being thankful? I lost my train of thought once I saw those blogs. :)

  30. @ Copy, that is exactly the response I was looking for.

  31. I know I'm late... there is NOTHING wrong with pimping those blogs. Hell, if I find some, I'll send 'em to ya!

  32. @ Miley, Please do send them to me. I could always use more eye candy to look at while at work.


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