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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Of My Favorite Movies

Last time I listed my ten favorite movies, but I felt that I could not fit all of my favorite movies in just ten movies. So here is some more of my favorite movies in no particular order.

Better Off Dead – This movie from the 80’s has way too many one liners to list here as the movie is that damn good. The funniest of which is probably, “Gee Ricky I am sorry your mom blew up.” If you have not seen this movie before, you should check it out. It is HILARIOUS.

Moving Violations – This is another movie from the 80’s which is funny. The best line in the whole movie was the little old lady sitting in the men’s room on a urinal and saying, “Why is my back all wet?” Another classic movie which you should see.

The Empire Strikes Back – This was the first movie I ever saw on opening day and I was like maybe 6 or 7. I walked out of the theater and was stunned for weeks as it was revealed that Darth Vader was Luke’s dad. How could the evil bastard be the hero’s dad?

The Usual Suspects – This is a great suspenseful crime movie. The whole movie you are trying to figure out who the hell Keyser Sozie is and at the end you feel dumb when you figure it out.

The Princess Bride – Oh my I love this movie. So many good scenes in this one to write about, but I would say the scene with the hero and the fool exchanging the poisonous drink is my favorite. This is a great movie to see with kids.

Old School – Another great classic movie, although the second half of the movie is not as good as the first half, but it is still worthy of mentioning here. The best scene is the cussing in front of the kid scene in the kitchen.

Back To School – This was Rodney Dangerfield’s best movie he was ever in. The jokes in this movie are some of the best I have seen in movies. The scene with Sam Kinison is the best ever. SAY IT, SAY IT.

Alive – A true story of plane crash survivors in the Andes Mountains. I wrote a whole blog about this movie, if you have not seen it I highly suggest the movie as it will change your outlook on life.

The Trailer Park Boys – This movie is based upon the popular tv show from Canada by the same name. If you ever feel down and out about where you are in life, watch this movie and you will suddenly feel better about anything wrong with your life. Although I have to admit after seeing it I want to drink a mixed drink out of the bottom of a 2-liter bottle.

Groundhog Day - This movie is the best movie that Bill Murray has ever done. It is not only a comedy but has a deeper "be a better person" meaning behind it. This is one of the movies that I like to watch over and over with my kids. And my kids love the movie as well and can randomly quote lines from it.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little list, now go and get these movies from the Redbox or Netflix and watch them. Let me know how you liked them.


  1. I like every one of these... there is a guy at a bar I frequent who looks just like Rodney's son in Back To School. I always point it out to my friends but they are not the big fans that I am apparently as they just don't get it.

    Princess Bride is timeless and is as good now as it was 20+ years ago. As a child of the 80's I loved Andre The Giant as a wrestler.


  2. SD, you are correct about Andre, he was a badass as a wrestler.

    I actually did that to Daniel this weekend. Oh, and to my kids. A lot.

    Of course, you know I love Trailer Park Boys. God, that movie is so far beyond fucked up. The second one was OK too but... Well, sequels are never as good.

  4. Usual Suspects... one of the great mind-fuck movies ever. The last 5 minutes were pure gold.

    I was always partial to Return of the Jedi over Empire... was a little too bleak at the end.

    Back to School... classic. "We need more Bubbles!" I always thought if my dad was rich, that would have been him.

    Old School was OK... I think I liked Van Wilder better. But both basically morphed out of Animal House.

  5. Princess Bride is on everyone's favorites list...and if it isn't, well then that person isn't to be trusted!!!
    "You say that word a lot. I do not think it means what you think it means!"

  6. all i can remember of old school is will ferrell, running down the street, naked.

    i really must watch that movie sober. i've heard good things!

  7. Oh, how I love my 80's classics. My little brother and I used to watch Better of Dead on betamax. Those were the days. "Two Dollars!"

  8. Awww, you really are an ol' softy! Who would have guessed that Princess Bride would be one of your favorites. Is there a special edition that involves ladies asses that I don't know about? ; )


  9. @ Miley, yes earmuffs.

    @ Bluz, I always felt that Jedi was too commercial.

    @ Jewels, I agree if people don't like that movie you can't trust them. Which explains why I can't trust my ex since she hates that movie.

    @ Kage, is KFC still open?

    @ Cajun, the two dollars boy is hilarious.

    @ Empress, yes I am an old softy. But don't tell anyone as I don't want to lose my street cred. And yes I think there is a special ass edition.

  10. You'll make a fine little helper. What's your name?" "Charles Dumar".

  11. Oh, my. Alive.

    As someone who has actually frozen bits of myself (all ten toes, six fingers, both ears and a cheek -- the face kind!) that movie just makes me HURT all over. OOoooooOoOo. Even watching it in 100 degrees, I can feel it when I watch that movie. The pain they endured (physical and psychological) blows my mind.

    Shivering in Mpls,


    p.s. I do not sound like I'm from Fargo! You take that back! :-)

  12. @ Copy, exactly.

    @ Pearl, I know how you feel. I have frozen bits and pieces of myself and know exactly how you feel.

    And I know you don't sound like that, I was just commenting on the wordage.

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