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Monday, November 8, 2010

Pussification Of Football

I would like to take a moment to tell you about something that is near and dear to my heart, and that is football. This season there has been a lot of whoey being made about tough hits in football and how the NFL is cracking down on them. I think the hits on the field are being over sensitized, over analyzed, and over dramatized.

Now I am not talking about the helmet to helmet hits as they are bad and cause concussions, I am talking about the everyday hits that are happening. I saw a call on Sunday during the Colts-Eagles game that was thrown for a hit on a “defenseless receiver” even though it was a legal hit and the receiver had caught the ball and ran two yards and was anything but defenseless. The receiver got hammered by three Eagles defenders and left the game on a stretcher. Yes I feel sorry for the guy who got hurt, but at the end of the day football is a contact sport. And everyone who puts on the helmet and the pads is aware of the risk. And if you are not aware of the risk, you don’t need to be on the field to begin with.

I was born in the 1970’s and began watching football back then when men were men, and there was hitting in football. There were no rules for hitting a defenseless receiver or a hit on a quarterback. The game was played and it was good because there was hard hitting. Remember the Steel Curtain defense? Hell most of the defenders from the 70’s are in the Hall Of Fame and they didn’t get there by not hitting people.

Fast forward to today and there are all kinds of rules on when you can and when you can’t hit someone. Hell now they even have a rule for offensive players hitting defenseless defenders. As a result of Hines Ward from the Steelers going out and actually blocking and hitting defenders (which no other receivers in the NFL today block like he does) the NFL made a rule about hitting defenders who are too stupid to watch out for a blocker about to hit them. So let me get this straight, you can’t hit a person who is dishing out hits all the time? Now this season they want to stop the hard hits period and I have had enough.

You can get hurt playing any sport that is out there to be played. You can break bones or blow out your knees in a basketball game. You can destroy your legs in a soccer game. In diving you can hit your head on the diving board and drown. In bowling you can blow out your shoulder. In hockey you can lose teeth and mess up your whole body. In baseball you can get beamed with a pitch or a line drive. In MMA or boxing you can get your bell rung and just beat the fuck up. Even in curling you can fall down and bust your noggin all up. Hell even in flag football you can get hurt. In every single sport there is a risk of getting hurt. EVERY. SINGLE. SPORT. Everyone who plays sports knows there is a risk (well except the Special Olympics) to get hurt and the participants all know the risks.

I mean taking the hitting out of football would be like apple pie with no apples. It would be like a pizza with only the crust. Imagine Christmas with no gifts, Thanksgiving with no turkey or ham, or a blow job with no happy ending. What is next, fighting a war with no bullets and only using paintballs? It just does not make sense, hitting is a part of the damn sport. Deal with it.

I guess what I am saying is that football is a contact sport and the hitting needs to stay. It is as much a part of the sport as the football itself is. Don’t mess with my game. Leave it alone. I enjoy watching a game with some hard hitting on both sides of the ball. If you take out the hitting from football, you will have countless numbers of fans suffer from severe depression and suicide. And this will cause more carnage in the long run than that of any injuries suffered on the field. So please keep this hitting in football.

If I wanted to watch a game of football without any hitting, I would watch some of the picture below. Well I may watch the below any ways but not for the hard knocks, but more for the hard knockers.


  1. Amen to the entire post. I don't like how they have put QB's on a pedestal either. Let them get whacked around a little too - it will teach their O-lineman to block a little better.

    And that's coming from a guy who is a huge lifelong Vikings fan. As you know we have the oldest, slowest QB in the history of football. He's also an annoying drama queen, but whattya gonna do.


  2. I agree they should leave football alone! They shouldn't try to fix things that aren't broke and they shouldn't try to pussify football, I mean seriously the players have ball not pussies!

  3. Ok I know I am a woman and all that but I was the cheerleader that actually watched the games and players starting in 6th grade and through college then as a Cheer Coach ( not Sue S). Here's the deal, the majority of these men have one singular thing going for them. They are gladiators. They have been fawned over and babied their entire lifes and handed a massive amount of wealth that seriously surpasses their 4th grade math skills ( never mind several have college degrees we need eligible players yo). The point is, they are not freaking secretaries, that's minimum wage, you don't get a helmet and expect no one to jump on you crushing your bones. However the very term Pro Football player tells me you should have had your ass kicked enough over the years to be worthy of taking a serious frigging hit. As much as these prancing pussy's get paid I would take as many hits as I could before I was in ICU. I can only imagine what kind of dandy kids these refs are raising that are making up these asinine calls. I want my moneys worth I want bone crushing knock the damn lung out of the receivers spleen type hitting. Or I can go watch 5 yr old pee wee ball down the street for $1 . Give me the Gladiators NOW

  4. oh snap- ( full pun intended) I live where grandpa quarter back is from, you know mr chin music. he was a spoiled puss in high school and still is, don't worry he is going to totally get it up the butt from D in the big D since he can't even delete sext messages.

  5. The one hit I remember that was over played (for good reason) was the hit LT had on Joey T on that monday night game (NY vs. Washington). CRAZY!!! I still remember them trying to show the audience the bone leaving the skin. And, let's go for a commercial break. You'd never see something like that today.

  6. I will admit that I'm not a huge football fan but my father went APE SHIT last night watching the Eagles game over that call. It was flat out ridiculous. I feel the same way about penalties and game suspensions in hockey. Sure we need to make sure players aren't getting purposely and avoidably injured...but they are rough contact sports...put your big girl panties on and deal with it! It's a part of the game and taking the contact out of a sport, or making players nervous to deliver a legit hit will take the timing and the speed out of the game.
    I couldn't agree more. Let them play!

  7. Not a huge football fan, but I catch what youre throwing. It really wouldn't be football without the hits.

  8. You know, I agree with you. I am not really into football but into hockey and baseball. All sports are now moving into a time where before it was cool to hit but now we have to be careful. I am tired of all the rules changing in mid season to make it safer...

  9. Simpledude, at least Farve can take the hits and get up and keep on playing unlike a lot of other QB's in the league.

  10. SSW, how do you know that the players only have one ball? lol

  11. Copyboy, I remember that injury as well.

  12. Jewels, Mash, and Tawnya, thanks for agreeing with me. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

  13. Huge football fan - but college rather than pro.

    That said, first kudos to you for using "Pussification" in the title of your post. Well played, sir. Do you, by chance watch "Rescue Me" (aka one of the BEST shows on TV?).

    In short, agreed, agree and, further AGREED. If the risk of getting hit is too much for you, please feel free to take another sport of your choice - piano or poker playing, perhaps.

    Great post ...


  14. PMT, I am fan of all football at all levels. But right now only the Pros are injecting sissiyness into the game by taking out the hits.

    Thanks for the comment. I don't watch much tv outside of sports, but I will have to check it out.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. I had this long rant about the pussies in the NFL and how you don't see the college kids being whiny bitches if their leg snaps in half like that one we saw a few years ago on New Year's Eve...
    You pay someone a few mil - or even a few hundred thou - and they turn into little diva bitches.
    and I'm also totally with joe Pa on removing the facemask again. Less for the opponent to grab onto and therefore less to be harmed by. I mean, really. Duh.

    but WTF is with the extraneous flags anyway? I get the calls like pass-int and holding, although I think those are bullshit penalties ANYWAY, but I at least get it... but this bullshit about incidental contact with a kicker or the qb.

    Look, if the brits are fucking pussies like we say they are and they play RUGBY, how come out dolled up prissy little bitchy ass diva nfl gangsters can't put up with a little shove here and there? I mean... REALLY.

    BTW, PMT is right... you would kill for Rescue Me. That show is so fucked up in so many ways... I think I know what you're getting for Christmas now... You will love that show. It'll also make you feel like your life ROCKS.

  16. And yes, it's possible I'm cranky... but part of that is because I tried to comment hours ago and blogger jacked me over... and the other part is because I have a jacked up foot and that makes me cranky too.

    So, to be succinct

    Yes, OT, you are correct. They are prissy whiny little pussy ass bitches.

  17. Yes Miley, apparently money makes them have vags.

    The Steelers game last night was full of bad calls and I am sure that there will be fines as well coming from the Commish.

    I dont like seeing players hurt, but there has to be a line in the sand.

  18. Just let them play the f#cking game. I hope at the end of the season they make some changes with those pussy rules. The only one I understand are the QB hitting rules.

    Where can I watch the women football league in the above picture? I want to see some hard knockers too.

  19. Toastman, I saw a game on MTV one time. I am not sure if they still show the games or not.

  20. Amen, Bro. You and I see eye to eye on this. They are progressively ruining what makes football great. Everyone knows the risks involved when they put on the pads, and they are paid handsomely.

    The Steelers have a way of instigating rules changes... Besides the Hines rule, there was also the 5-yard chuck rule, which was instigated due to Mel Blount. Also, the head-slap rule... while it wasn't totally the Steelers, the Rams and Vikes were good at it, the 70's Steelers used to beat guys senseless with that first-step clobber upside the head of the O-linemen.

    Hell, you could even beat on the QB that way... Ernie Holmes hit Roger Staubach that way in SB X, just brought his heavily wrapped forearm right down on the helmet-top and mask of Staubach on the pass rush. Just brutal.

    I also remember Lambert getting flagged for hitting Browns QB Brian Sipe "too hard." He was in bound, he hit him in the chest for a tackle. Lambert went apeshit... Ref said, "you just can't hit him that hard."

    That ref would have fit in today. Unfortunately.

  21. Bluz, I agree with you totally. Damn those refs.

  22. Yes, and now Hines and James Harrison are on the list of dirtiest players in the league. Really??? How the hell would they classify Lambert or Ham nowadays? The fact that Hines is higher on that list is a JOKE! The NFL makes their money off of hard hits. What do the highlight reels show?

    What really makes me mad is that the NFL player's association is not standing up for these guys who are getting fined for stupid crap! I think the guys should all go out there one weekend and play touch football to prove to the league what they would have without them. This is not wussy ball. Deal with it!

    Ben had his nose BROKEN this year, and they didn't even throw a flag on the play. Why? Because it's Ben and he's not a fan favorite right now. What would have happened if that same hit happened to Brady or Peyton?

  23. @ Krissy, I agree with every single thing you have just said.


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