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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Favorite Movies

Well I have noticed that many people on here from time to time publish a list of top tens. Well here is a nice list of my top ten favorite movies of all time along with a nice description of each. Some of these you may or may not agree with but all of these movies are culturally relevant. Some of them are comedies, some of them are action, some of them are dramas, but all of them are great movies just the same. So here you go, chew them up.

Man On Fire – This movie is one of the best revenge movies of all time. If you love a good action and revenge movie I high suggest you see this movie. And it also has one of my favorite actors in Denzel Washington in it.

Blazing Saddles – The title alone speaks for itself. This movie is a cornucopia of movie one liners such as “Mongo just a pawn in the game of life” and “Where’s all the white women at?” If you have never seen this movie you are either dead or have a large stick up your ass.

The Matrix – This movie was so ahead of its time when it came out. All of the special effects and all of the new ways to show fight scenes. And not to mention the story line, how can you not love this movie. I mean who doesn’t love Carrie Ann Moss in a black leather outfit.

Airplane – This movie was so damn funny as a child and I was too young to even get most of the joke as a child. The movie pushed the envelope for its time in the 1970’s in terms of humor. Just the joke with the little boy asking the little girl if she wants cream and sugar in her coffee and she replies back with “I take it black, like my men” was worth the price of admission for the movie alone. It is a cult classic for sure to say the least.

Patton – I have seen this movie so many times throughout my life, I could not even count how many times I have seen it with a calculator. There is no other World War 2 movie that can compare with this movie about the greatest US commander in history. George C Scott won an Academy Award for his portrayal of General Patton and he refused to accept it. A must see war movie for those who do not like war movies.

Star Wars – Yes no list of favorite movies of a man cannot be complete without this sci-fi movie from the 1970’s. There is really no words that I could use that can describe this movie. It is just pure awesome. Yes I know that not many women like this movie and disagree with me, but this is my list remember?

Monty Pythons The Life Of Brian – While not many people like the humor of Monty Python in the dry English sense, this movie is a classic. The movie follows the life of Brian who was Jesus’ neighbor all through his life from birth to the cross. The funniest thing in this movie is the scene at the end of the movie when the whole town is on the cross. Another classic movie to say the least.

Heat – This in my opinion is the best cops vs robbers movie ever. It is a little on the long side at over 3 hours, but it has such a great story line and plot. Just look at the all star cast in the movie with Robert Deniro, Al Paccino, Val Kilmer, Ashley Judd, and many other great actors. The bank robbery scene towards the end is the best shoot out scene ever recorded.

Spaceballs – Yes another movie from Mel Brooks is in the top ten, but due to Jewish law it had to be included. This is another gem of a movie from the man who made Blazing Saddles. And this movie like Blazing Saddles is a buffet of movie one liners. If you have not seen this movie you might be in a coma.

Aliens – This is the only movie from my childhood that ever gave me nightmares. Yes I just shared a little bit, but deal with it. This was the sequel to Alien and was I think one of the only movies to outdo as a sequel the original movie. Good special effects, a suspenseful plot, a little humor, and some ass kicking all rolled into one big ball. How can you not like a movie where someone freaks out and screams “its game over man, fucking game over”.

Well that is my little list of movies that I think deserve me mentioning to all of you eFriends out there. While you may not agree with this list, but I love each of these movies A LOT. I have all of them on DVD and have had to replace a few of them multiple times due to scratches and disintegration over time.

So your assignment is to go out and see all of these movies if you have not done so already.


  1. That's funny. Jim never gets a second cup of coffee.
    Good list.

  2. Impressive picks. Nice good range of stuff. Kudos on the airplane selection. And shirly I am not kidding.

  3. I clicked over to your blog from Rawkin Robin's site. I am following you now based on your reference to Airplane. Ha!! Looove it. I actually have it at my house now. I rented it on Netflix. It was much better as an adult, I think. Loved your top 10!

  4. Miley, I am glad you can remember a movie quote.

    Copyboy, thanks. No I am not kidding, and stop calling me Shirly.

    Kelly, Thanks for the following. Yes it is a lot better as an adult. My son recently watched it for the first time and loved it. He will love it even more in 10 years time.

  5. I like a blogger who abides by Jewish law! You are good for that and for including both Airplane and Spaceballs. I have seen Airplane so many times, and I plan on many more. That coffee line is one of the best. But that's not important right now.
    PS Blazing Saddles is one I don't remember much of. It came out in the 70's. Right?

  6. Robyn you just made my day. I did not think people actually read my bullshit. LOL.

    And you need to go back and see Blazing Saddles as it is just as good as Airplane.

  7. Thank you! I struggle with those but I can remember a few quotes from Airplane, as well as how the chick sang like a man in spaceballs. Well, and Star Wars of course.

  8. Miley, one day I will have you socially educated. One day. This would be like moving from carrier alligators to the telegraph so it may take a while. lol

  9. I think I should add to the list as I forgot a couple of classics.

    Moving Violations and Better Off Dead. Two great movies from 1985 which need to be added. Maybe I will make another movie post in the future.

  10. I have only seen 4 of those. And I consider myself a movie buff.

    I am ashamed. You shall find me standing in the corner.

  11. Well Tib you need to get busy watching some movies from the corner.


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