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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear eFriends

I am truly sorry for my absence around these parts of the interwebs.

In case you have forgotten (you can read here), my life has been pretty busy and I just have not had the time or the energy to write anything.

I am still busy at work although it has been getting better for me on a day to day basis. All the hard work I put in over the months of my co-workers maternity leave has been worth it. I am enjoying a very liberal (yes someone else is paying for it) use of all the comp time I earned during that period to take some time off. I basically don’t have to work a Friday till after New Year’s Day. And I am also off all this week as well as few weeks in December.

I have also been busy with my kids and their school, sports, and such. They are doing great and are happy to have me working less time as it means they get me back on a more frequent basis.

So basically I now have the time to write some for you, although I don’t have much time to read much. So if you will forgive me if I can’t get to all of your blogs, but I can provide you with some of sarcasm, wit, and some stuff from heart are all to come. Yes ladies you read that correctly, I said stuff from my heart. Well dammit all the stuff I write is from my heart, but I mean love like from the heart stuff.

I will also write about what some of the things that have gone in my life in the last three to four months as well. Some of it is good and some of it is not, but you will hear about it just the same.

So please forgive me for my absence from writing.


Oilfield Trash

P.S. I normally post a goofy picture of myself for every 50 followers that I get, but to make up for my absence around here I am giving a nice little picture of myself from when I was arrested for threatening a pack of beer at the grocery store.


  1. Love the mug shot and I've missed yer posts.

    Don't apologise for having a life...we blog when we can.

    Great to "read" ye again

  2. Nice pic... must have been from your Black Crowes cover band days. Good to see you back!


  3. Crap! I just wrote a comment and it vanished before I could post it.
    Anyway, real life sometimes gets in the way of our blogging world. Priorities...
    I remember back in the day when you could insult or threaten a six pack of beer, now days, it's not PC...

  4. Dear OT - You've been gone for so long (I hardly noticed) and we have all been lamenting together (having beer at the bar without you). Now that you are back (really? you came back?) we will gladly read your posts when you honor us with your wisdom (biased thoughts). Glad that you are doing better now (suck it up) and can't wait to read what you've been up to(blah blah blah). Your friend, LM

  5. You have been missed OT!!! So happy your back :)

  6. OTTTTTTT........Woohoo. So Good to hear from you. Have missed you and your from the heart comments!! So glad you're alive and well and things are looking brighter. Miss your blogging. Always a good read. Lots happening in our worlds I guess. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. i've been wondering what became of you. thought maybe the wolves gobbled you up.

  8. Wow, I'm glad it wasn't personal. I mean I signed on as a follower and then you disappeared. I thought maybe I had bad breath or something!

  9. I just have to ask: was the beer asking for it?

  10. Welcome back! I've also decided to return :D

  11. See, even though I knew you didn't die... I still kind of wondered. But yay for not being dead! Or in jail! Except if you were in jail I would totally donate to the bail fund.

  12. @ Lurker, beer always gets me into trouble.

    @ Lass, thank you. It is good to be back.

    @ Simpledude, those were the days.

    @ Pat, that is so true. It was just a harmless misunderstanding between me and the six pack.

    @ Laughingmom, thank you so much for the support. That comment made my day.

    @ Brandi, thank you.

    @ Barb, yes lots have been happening. And I am glad to be back. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    @ Sherrilin, nope the wolves didn't get me. They came close, but didn't get me.

    @ Eva, it was not personal at all.

    @ Joshua, that beer was most certainly asking for it. The beer had a low cut cardboard case and was openly teasing me.

    @ Chip, thank you.

    @ Sara, yea I am not dead and there were some reasons I was gone. But I have found "me" again and I am glad to be back. And I appreciate the bail fund. Can I keep that in a safe place for bail or money for a future 5K run?

  13. Never underestimate the power of beer.

    Welcome back!

  14. Life without beer? Not a life for me...

    I bet the beer had it coming.

    Good to see you back on the map OT!

  15. WELCOME BACK. It wasn't the same without you.

  16. Ducky, That is so true. On so many levels.

    @ Pixie, I so agree. If there is no more beer anymore, please shoot me.

    @ Robyn, Thank you SO MUCH.

  17. I am happy to see this, I had only recently found this blog, and I thought it was going to be another I-just-found-this-and-now-they-never-post blog.
    That happens a lot.

    It's like I'm a jinx.
    Looking forward to reading more :)

  18. Nice to see you back to blogging OT :)

  19. That's how I burn vacation days, when I haven't taken enough time off during the year... use 1 a week at the end of the year. Of course, it sucks when January kicks in and those killer 5-day weeks take their toll.

    Welcome back.

  20. @ Dirty, no I am around for the long haul. Unless I get married anytime soon and then I wouldn't have time for writing because I would be too busy gettin' busy.

    @ Joy, thank you.

    @ Bluz, I know how you feel as I have had to do that before as well.

  21. I look forward to reading whatever it is you want to share. I am glad the kids sports have been going well and that you have some more time for us lowly followers.

    I guess those sammich's I've been UPS'ing to you finally paid off! :)

  22. Welcome back! Glad we left the "Snarky Sarcasm Light" on for you!

  23. @ Jewel, it is funny that you use the word "share" as I am learning to become better at that.

    @ Al, thank you. And I am very glad you left a light on for me.

    @ Chio, thank you!!!

  24. I was starting to wonder if you were so busy that you weren't blogging anymore.
    I'm glad you are able to get some time off. Working all the time sucks ass.

  25. I'd say welcome back but I'm not sure if you're really back or if this is just an appetizer...


  26. @ Ruth, no I just had to take some time away. I will explain later.

    @ Teach, no I am really back.

  27. been missing you sweet. Glad to see you back even if it is just a quick visit.
    Hope you get some breathing space soon

    Hugs from me

  28. I'm glad you're back! Wait, does your abscence involve a girl??? Just asking! lol

  29. @ Mynx, thank you. I have been missing you as well.

    @ Yvonne, thanks! I wish it involved a girl. My absence was more work related than lady related.

  30. Welcome back Oilfield!

    I'm just now getting caught up on some reading and you are on my "Bombay and 3 olives" list (I always save the best blogs for this relaxing time of day when me and my drink can relish the written word without interruption).

    As always, you are a worthy read and I am looking forward to having you back on my reading circuit.

    Cheers, Jenny


  31. I'm so happy to have you back, OT! It hasn't been the same without you.

    Love the picture and look forward to reading anything that comes from your heart. :)


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