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Monday, November 28, 2011

My Third Best Birthday Ever

One of the things that happened back in October while I was away from blogging was that I had my birthday. Last year when I celebrated my birthday, I told you a great story about my Second Favorite Birthday Ever (if you haven’t read it you really need to go and read it) so this year I am going to tell you about my Third Favorite Birthday that I have ever had.

So let’s flash back to October 2008 when I had just turned 34. A few days after my birthday I went to hang with my then girlfriend/significant other/bayou mama/woman-I-should-be-married-to who had invited me over to her apartment for a day of pampering me where I didn’t have to do anything for myself.

I know what you are asking, who is this woman and why haven't you written about her? Well this amazing woman is named Miley, and you may or may not have seen her comment around her before from time to time. I have written about her once before about our trip to Orlando, but as I am shy I have not done so very much till now.

Anyways, Miley had invited me over to her apartment where I was to be pampered. As soon as I got there I was greeted with a rather large hug and kiss. After some idle chit chat we left her place on a destination unknown.

She drove us in her car to a cool place near her house called “The Main Event” which was a huge indoor entertainment complex. They had bowling, pool, shuffleboard, laser tag, arcade games, and putt putt golf. We ended up playing an epic game of putt putt golf together. I honestly can’t remember who won that day but I am pretty sure that Miley won (and I know one of us still has the score card).

After the game of putt putt she drove us to a Star Bucks so I could get me some coffee as I was extremely tired that day due to working a lot (sounds familiar huh).

After a short drive around to the area we found our way back to her house where she proceeded to cook me dinner. The dinner consisted of a delicious steak sammich and homemade sweet potato fries, both of which left me taking each bite into my mouth and closing my eyes as result. Miley had made dessert but I didn’t even have room for it as the sammich and the fries had MORE than filled me up. Did I mention that Miley burned her hand while cook this dinner? Yes she did.

While eating we ended up talking and watching a movie together. After dinner, I was given my gift which I eagerly opened up. It was a Stars Wars Mr. Potato Head Darth Vader. Now it might seem trivial or nerdy to you (but I don’t really give a rats ass) but it was the perfect gift for me as I love Star Wars and always wanted a Mr. Potato Head and never really had one when I was a kid.

I can’t tell you what happened next, well because this is not an erotic blog and I don’t believe in kissing and telling. But to answer your question, yes I did and yes it was.

This day ended up with me spending a lot of time with Miley that day. And I really enjoyed it as we laughed at each other’s jokes, we made fun of each other, we just simply talked, I was able to relax, and we were in love. This day was just so special and perfect all at the same time as it was just plain and simple (I am very easy to please). We were both happy together, being ourselves.

I could not have asked for a more perfect birthday.


  1. My best birthday ever was when I turned 40. I had gone with my family to my sister's house. Our celebrations led to her hot tub (no, this isn't going where you think it might). The libations (translation: Lite beer) were freely flowing and we all had a great time until well into the wee hours of the night.
    Now, this may seem to be a smashing way to celebrate. And it was. But, it's NOT why it was my best birthday.
    As the clock struck three, everyone else wisely left to go to bed. Still having a good time, I decided to remain all by myself. Why I thought remaining by myself was a good idea escapes me (I think it may have had something to do with the lite beer). Anyway, I fell asleep. With my head just above the water.
    WHY was it my best birthday? Because, when I woke up at eight, I realized I had not drowned.
    Which would allow me a 41ST birthday. And, at last count, a 53RD (I'm staying the hell away from MY hot tub, though).

  2. I love that it was all about you and she seem to have nailed it! That takes a special someone to not only recognize the things that make us who we are but then to celebrate them and keep the focus on you. Birthdays are awesome like that. Very happy to hear you have such a day to add to your history book :o)

  3. that does sound like a really good birthday. and i love it when someone knows you/me well enough to purchase a gift that wouldn't make sense to anyone else, but it's the perfect gift for that person.
    what happened to miley? and why doesn't she come back?

  4. My birthday is in January. I have 2 months to work on the gf into letting me have one of THOSE days.

    This last year was my big 3-0. It involved a lot of alcohol, and a lot of recovery. I'd rather have a day like yours.

    Happy belated, my good man!

  5. @ AL, dude that right sounds like a very good birthday. And thank you.

    @ Eva, it sure was.

    @ Sherilin, yes that was so the case. I am really not ready to discuss why I don't have Miley in my life anymore. Although I have a post coming next week which will partially explain Miley's absence. And it has nothing do with her, it is all my fault why she ain't around.

    @ Lost, thank you very much. And yes you have to get started on planning NOW.

  6. I didnt realize I did such a great job. Plus the other really nice stuff up there about me. I am glad you had such a great time. I think you have the score card... and I won because you are a lefty and they had some barriers that were not lefty friendly.
    I made myself that sammich a few months ago and thought of you. Steak, mmmmm. I also made you a giant cupcake in addition to the chocolate souffle. I forgot I burned myself making the sweet potato fries.
    This post is really awesome. That was a really fantastic day for me too.

  7. I am still alive, I still care and obviously I still read from time to time. Life is just complicated sometimes and that's probably enough of an explanation :)

  8. That sounds like an awesome birthday.
    I never knew they made Star Wars Mr. Potato Heads.

  9. @ Miley, I had forgot about the left handed barriers. Yep that is why I lost for sure. And I forgot about the cupcake because the sammich and the fries were excellent. And yes you burned yourself. Ironically if I remember correctly it was the same hand that I rolled up. Sigh. And yes it was a great birthday, you did a great job that day.

    @ Ruth, yes it was an awesome birthday.

  10. There's always some reader (that would be me) that just can't follow a flashback. So...this "third best birthday" happened in 2008, right?

    Because, what I want to know is what happened "this October"... whereby my question is "did you and was it?" ...you know...great!

    Here's hoping you had the best October 2011 birthday - which might one day make "the list"!

    Cheers, Jenny


  11. I'm glad you had a top 5 birthday. I'd really have to think about my top birthday, probably would go back to my childhood.

  12. My birthday is also in October.. Miley is an awesome woman and I am sure that you are grateful for the time you had her in your life. Sometimes people are meant to only stay for a short time in our lives and move on. I do not know what happened, but I bet the two of you were fantastic together!! Hugs my friend.

  13. OT...your birthday should be all about you and this one sounded absolutely perfect in my book. She sounds like a great lady. Good story. I really did miss you!

  14. @ Pearson, yes this is a flashback to 2008. My birthday in 2011 was ok, not nearly as good as 2008. Each year on my birthday I write about a great birthday from my past. Go and read the link on this post for the one I wrote last year. I hope that clears it up.

    @ George, yes I can agree to that as a lot of my best ones were in my childhood as well.

    @ Tawnya, Ah another Libra. And yes she is an awesome woman. And I am very grateful that she has touched my life. And yes we were great together.

    @ Barb, yes it was all about me that day. She is a beyond great lady.

  15. Sounds like a pretty amazing birthday with a pretty amazing woman. Isn't it amazing how days like that will live in perfect detail in our memories while others fade away. Memory is a magical thing...and sense memory as well. I bet you remember every smell,taste, and sound of the day. Yup...the brain is amazing and so are days like that.

  16. Sounds like an awesome day! Had it all and survided to talk about it..

  17. What a wonderful day to remember and I have a feeling that it wouldn't have mattered what game you played or who won or lost, it was the company that made it so special.

    Happy belated birthday handsome and wishing you many many more wonderful ones

  18. @ Jewels, yes it was an amazing day with an amazing woman. And my memories of that are still very vivid.

    @ Pat, yes it was an awesome day.

    @ Mynx, you are very correct in your assessment, I didn't care who won or lost that afternoon.

  19. What a wonderful birthday and I love the present she gave you! (Not nerdy at all, btw).

    Loved this so much!

  20. Nice! About this Miley person... :)

  21. @ Virgin, yes it was good. And I loved the present so much as well.

    @ Yvonne, I will have to email you on Facebook for an explanation.

  22. Awww.

    I hope you returned the favour on her birthday.


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