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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lee Corso Is My New Hero

I am not sure if you know exactly who Lee Corso is, but he is one of the hosts on ESPN’s College Game Day show. If you don’t know what ESPN is then please remove your head from your ass, unless of course you are outside of America and then it is ok if you don’t what ESPN is.

College Game Day is a show that airs on ESPN each Saturday morning during the college football season. ESPN picks one game each week and the show travels to the location of the game. And they have previews of the day’s game.

The show has three regular guys on it and they also have a “celebrity” from one of the two schools which are playing in the game that they are at. Right before the show is over the four people pick who they think the winner of the game will be. And Le Corso normally does some crazy shit when he picks his winner like he will put on the head of the schools mascot that he picks to win or some other crazy thing.

Thousands of people show up each week at the site where the show is set up for the week. People line up at 2am to get a spot close to the stage. No I am not kidding. I personally know people who have done this.

I have been watching this show for years and honestly can’t remember when I started watching it, but I do know that I really enjoy the banter on the show.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well this past Saturday ESPN College Game Day was on the campus of my university. Yep that is right; ESPN was at the University Of Houston to broadcast live on ESPN, and to also pick the winner of their game with SMU.

In case you don’t remember I went to college at UofH and if you remember I took my kids to their Spring Game (and I knew back in April that this year would be special). I have always been a fan of UofH even before I went there for college and will remain a fan for life.

Which brings me to why Lee Corso is my new found hero, here is the video of the last minute of College Game Day live from UofH.

Yes you heard it correctly, at around 1:05 Lee Corso looks like he is going to pick SMU by picking up a megaphone with SMU written on it, and then he throws it away and says “Ah Fuck It” and puts on the head of Shasta (the UofH Cougar and our mascot) and picks UofH to win. He said “Ah Fuck It” and picked my school to win.

Watch the video again. And again. Watch the response from the guys on either side of Lee Corse. Yes this video is just that great.

Lee Corso says “Ah Fuck It” live on ESPN.


This 2 minute stretch of video that I watched live on Saturday morning made my whole day. I felt so good inside that this tomfoolery took place where I went to college. UofH has never really gotten much attention the last 2 decades so it was nice to see them host College Game Day.

What makes it even better is that at a game earlier in the season against Rice University, all of the students wore red shirts that said “Ruck Fice”. Maybe Lee Corso knew this and acted in his best judgment in what he said, in any case he is my new hero.

Oh and my Cougars beat SMU’s ass 37-7 to become 11-0 on the season and have moved up to Number 8 in the latest BCS rankings.

“Ah Fuck It” is my new saying.

This picture was at College Game Day and it is of a boy dressed and painted to look like the Heisman Trophy in support of Kase Keenum’s run at winning the trophy.


  1. Bloody quality "Ah Fuck it"....11-0 as well, very nice.

  2. I literally spit my drink out Saturday morning when he said it! It was great!

  3. People arsing about like this at work is great and I've heard of ESPN even though I'm in the UK. My brother lives is Scotland and watches American Football for some strange reason.

  4. @ GT, yes it is.

    @ Lurker, it is beyond quality.

    @ Stephanie, If I would have been drinking at the time I would done the same thing.

    @ Tony, yes it is great.

  5. We were WATCHING when this went down. :-) A good laugh!!


  6. I had seen the clip before. Hilarious!

  7. Lee reminds me of that uncle that you're never sure of what he's going to do. He proved it there.

  8. Haha i love how they just laugh it off with no apology. Classic!

  9. That is totally awesome!!! UoH rocks!!! (although I live in Michigan and that statement will get me killed!) So funny, thanks for sharing!

  10. @ Pearl, I am so glad I was not the only one around here who saw it live.

    @ Eva, yes it is.

    @ George, that is kind of how I have always felt about him as well.

    @ Chip, that is also part of why it is awesome.

    @ Tawnya, thank you. And you won't be in trouble for saying that.

  11. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network- Do I get a candy bar for knowing what the E stands for? I think I should.

  12. I watched it when you posted it to facebook. Classic awesomeness.


  13. I watched their reaction over and over! LMAO. I love the dude that pushed himself away from the table all shocked (doesn't hurt that he's cute as hell). I'd have never seen this clip not being a football fan so I love that you pointed it out.

    Very cool that you had the broadcast from your campus and that your team won. My college (note not a university) didn't have football so lacrosse was our big sport. I think this plays a large roll in me not being a huge football fan. I think I would be more of one if my college/university had had a team. Make sense?

  14. Priceless!
    Why this doesn't happen more often is amazing. Maybe that's why the gentle folks at ESPN never return my calls?

  15. Jewels: I went to Community College, so we didn't have a football team, either. I think we had disc golf, though. Plus, don't screw with our Dungeons and Dragons team or they'll zap you with a spell with their ten-sided dice. We were the "Fighting Commuters."
    Our school motto: "We Drive! We Park! We Study!"

  16. Love it!

    I don't get to watch College Game Day, but thanks to the Internet, I've not missed a game this year. Btw, my team are 11-0 too. Geaux Tigers!

  17. GO COOGS!!! I was so happy on Saturday! I didn't know you're an alumni! Me too! Anyway, that was classic alright!!! I've watched that video over and over just to relive it!

  18. Ah Fuck it... I'll be an alumnus next fall so as much as I love to holla GEAUX TIGERS I guess I need to give a shout out.

    //,/ <--- that's my Shasta hand

    So there. I did it.

    sheesh. All my peeps in my theory class would be so proud. Especially Tyrone.

  19. @ Ruth, you get credit.

    @ Kelly, yes it is good.

    @ Jewels, you see that is what I am here for, to bring people stuff that they normally wouldn't see.

    @ Al, don't feel bad, they don't return my calls either.

    @ Cajun, I knew you would chyme in with a comment. I know your team is 11-0 as well. I haven't missed one of their games either.

    @ Yvonne, yes it was beyond classic.

  20. @ Miley, you get your own comment since you graced me with your presence for the first time in MANY months.

    I am really glad you are giving a shout out to my (and now your) Coogs.

  21. First off, nice to see you back! Now I have some catching up to do! That F-bomb is one of the all time classics!

  22. @ Pat, thank you. I am glad to be back. Yes it is one of the great ones.

  23. That was just hilarious! Love that show!

    Houston is doing so good!!!

    Longhorns need help (my dad is so not happy with them...apart from them beating A&M to send them off to the SEC, that is).

    And, um, so as to avoid any jinxing...one word: Geaux. ;)

  24. Well I'm English so this means nothing to me.

    But Ah fuck it has been my secret to a peaceful life for years.


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